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Appliances finish your kitchen with style and technology

Appliances perform vital functions in your kitchen. They help you prep, cook and clean up after working hard on your meal. Now appliances are smart! Samsung has a refrigerator that has a camera inside and connects to your smart phone, allowing you to see what’s inside while you’re outside. There are kitchen robots, some available today and others that will preview in kitchens starting in 2017. Some of these smart appliances can perform 10 functions from mixing and stirring, to stir fry. They can make risotto and they can scramble eggs. The new robots of upscale kitchens can prepare and cook a complete meal by simply inputting a recipe into the console. Smart dishwashers will hook up to the “smart grid” and automatically save electricity and money. With science advancing so fast, how are you supposed to know what are the latest and greatest appliances available for your kitchen? Let us help you.  It’s our job to know the technology and what will fit in your kitchen. We are there to guide you every step of the way.

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