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Choosing your kitchen cabinets is an important task for many reasons. They are the cornerstone of the kitchen – possibly your biggest expense and the most visible element. Cabinets form the foundation for the layout and plan of your kitchen space. Vital to your work flow, they store the tools you work with everyday. Vital to your kitchens style, they are a defining element in your design. Think of how often you open and close the doors and draws of your cabinets and how important durability is. We will guide you through the process of analyzing the style, functionality and beauty of each element of the cabinet, helping you choose the best fit for you and your kitchen design.


Cabinets come in many different materials and styles. The most popular is wood with its many different variations and colors. For instance, you can choose from red oak, white oak, hickory, cherry, hard maple, birch, ash and pine, each with their own beauty and style. There are other options, such as laminated vinyl, Thermofoil and Melamine; each made with a wood by-product, lower in cost than wood but still an attractive look and feel. If you are going for a modern look, stainless steel is a perfect alternative. These cabinets are sleek and expensive. There are more options available with many different cost implications. As if that isn’t enough, you have to choose from pre-fabricated or custom cabinets. We are experts in kitchen cabinetry and will simplify the process so you can feel comfortable when you make your decision.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors usually come in three styles. Raised panels, recessed panels and flat panels, each giving the cabinets a distinctive look. Choosing the hardware will give you the ability to compliment or accent the design, setting your own tone. Door and drawers get a lot of abuse so quality and durability is a very important consideration.


Storage is the key to organizing your kitchen space and giving you enough room to cook without clutter and in an efficient manner.  Cleaning up can be a breeze when you’ve considered  your storage options for keeping your space neat and clean.  Innovative storage racks can help to hold dinnerware, wine bottles, spice racks and other organizational features. More innovative storage means less stress. 

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