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There are many different kinds of counter tops that will define
your kitchen’s beauty and functionality.

  • Laminates are very popular and probably the lest expensive option. They are attractive but not as durable as some of the alternatives.
  • Solid surfaces such as Corian, come in many different colors and patterns. They are more expensive than laminates, durable and quite attractive.
  • Granite/ Stone is a popular choice which includes marble slate and other natural stones. They are expensive, very durable and luxurious in appearance. Granite/Stone will compliment any kitchen’s design.
  • Quartz is an alternative to stone, beautiful in its own right,  scratch resistant, easy to clean and chip resistant. Quartz is a newer kitchen option gaining popularity at the turn of the century.
  • Soapstone is also a natural stone with beauty and durability. It is similar in cost to quartz and granite, but it will need more maintenance.
  • Custom Wood & Butcher Block countertops adds a natural warmth and beauty to your kitchen. Wood needs to be cared for to prevent water stains and seal out germs.  They are excellent work surfaces but they may need to be refinished to keep their beauty.

There are a lot of choices available when considering which countertop will be right for you. We are at your service to help you choose the material that best fits your kitchen design and your style.

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