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There’s a lot to consider when choosing flooring for the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of family life. The floors in your kitchen have to withstand the busy traffic that passes through on a daily basis. They must be tough and durable to withstand the spills and drops that can chip or mar your floor. Style and layout may be the most important consideration, but maintenance and clean up should influence your decision. If your design is an open layout, you would want the floor to have a seamless flow into other rooms. If your taste is modern and your cabinets are stainless steel, your choice may then be tile. There are many options available each with highlights that may work best for your design and layout; the hard part is deciding on what works best for your. We are there to help you choose.

The following are some of the options:

  • Hardwood – classic and beautiful, it will last for decades, it’s low maintenance and if prefinished, it’s moisture resistant
  • Laminate flooring – this option is less expensive than wood, durable and hard to tell its not wood
  • Bamboo – very trendy, technically a grass, bamboo is actually harder than some hard wood and comes in a variety of patterns, colors and textures
  • Porcelain Tile – probably the toughest flooring, the beauty of stone and low maintenance
  • Cork – an eco-friendly choice made from sustainable tree bark, it’s softer and slip resistant and quite attractive
  • Vinyl – it’s soft, great for standing for long periods, easiest to maintain, budget friendly and available in a wide range of colors and patterns
  • Linoleum – comes in many colors and styles, the durable surface stands up to water, heat and scratching

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